Sale -25%

Alexander McQueen Color Sole Sneaker 553770 WHTQ4 9048 #21

Alexander McQueen 2019AWWomen's Lace-up ,White Leather and Pale Blue Color Sole SneakerStyle : ..

HK$3,230 HK$2,425 Not Include Vat(!): HK$2,425

Sale -25%

Alexander McQueen Exaggerated Sole Sneaker 553770 WHTQ4 9182 #21

 Alexander McQueen 2019Women's Leather White Pink OverSized Contrast SneakerStyle : 553770 WHTQ..

HK$3,230 HK$2,425 Not Include Vat(!): HK$2,425

Alexander McQueen Punk Ankle Boots 571667WHMUJ 1081 #54

Alexander McQueen Women's Full Leather Studded and low heel Punk Ankle Boots with Silver Detail..

HK$8,320 Not Include Vat(!): HK$8,320

Sale -25%

Alexander McQueen Women's White Sneaker 553770 WHGP7 9061 #21

Alexander McQueen 2019AW REMAKE Women's Oversized Leather White Platform SneakerStyle : 553770 WHGP7..

HK$3,230 HK$2,425 Not Include Vat(!): HK$2,425


Balenciaga 19AW Women's Shinning Black Leather Knife Ankle BootsW/ Gold 「BB」BuckleStyle : 579322 WA9..

HK$8,200 Not Include Vat(!): HK$8,200

Sale -20%


BURBERRY Women's Logo Strap LeatherWhite Low-Top Sneakers Style : 8011531Color : A1189 White..

HK$3,690 HK$2,950 Not Include Vat(!): HK$2,950

Sale -30%

Prada Womens Ferrari Loafers 1DD036F0053A9S F0011 #128

Womens Leather Ferrari Red , Logo Loafer By PradaStyle : 1DD036F0053A9S F0011Col : F0011..

HK$3,000 HK$2,100 Not Include Vat(!): HK$2,100

Sale -30%

Red Valentino Women Leather Slides PQ2S0A21FMS 0NO #131

Women Black Leather Cross Slides with Bubble By Red ValentinoStyle : PQ2S0A21FMS 0NOCol : 0NO..

HK$3,135 HK$2,195 Not Include Vat(!): HK$2,195

Sale -30%

Salavtore Ferragamo Black Leather Ankle Boots 0672923 Catania #076

Salavtore Ferragamo Black Leather Ankle Boots Style : 0672923 CataniaCol : Black..

HK$6,770 HK$4,740 Not Include Vat(!): HK$4,740

Sale -35%

Stella McCartney Elyse Shoes 363997 W0XH0 1000 #54

Black Elyse shoes By Stella McCartneyStyle - 363997 W0XH0 1000Col - 1000..

HK$5,470 HK$3,555 Not Include Vat(!): HK$3,555

Sale -30%

Valentino 'Platinum' Open Sneakers PW2S0781FLR R48 #133

Valentino Round Toe White Platinum Open Sneaker For WomenStyle : PW2S0781FLR R48Col :..

HK$4,365 HK$3,055 Not Include Vat(!): HK$3,055