Sale -30%

ACNE Cylea T-shirt 15A176 Candy Pink

Oversized Cylea T-shirt By Acne Studios..

HK$1,300 HK$910 Not Include Vat(!): HK$910

Sale -30%

Acne Faise Sweater 2HB176 BLACK

Regular fit Faise Sweater By ACNE..

HK$1,600 HK$1,120 Not Include Vat(!): HK$1,120

Sale -30%

Acne Faise Sweater 2HB176 Gery

Regular fit Faise Sweater By ACNE..

HK$1,600 HK$1,120 Not Include Vat(!): HK$1,120

Sale -30%

ACNE Joghy Hoodies 1HF176 Optic White

Oversized Joghy Hoodies By Acne Studios..

HK$2,000 HK$1,400 Not Include Vat(!): HK$1,400

Sale -29%

Acne Studios Joupa Dress 15B176 Black

Joupa Dress By ACNE StudiosStyle - 15B176 Col - Black..

HK$1,700 HK$1,200 Not Include Vat(!): HK$1,200

Balmain Logo Printed Sweatshirt 126804619I C2005

Logo Printed Sweatshirt bY BALMAINSTYLE - 126804619I COL - C2005..

HK$3,180 Not Include Vat(!): HK$3,180

Sale -40%

Dior Homme Appliqué Badge Shirt 733C515M 1223 000 #018+ 084

Appliqué Badge Shirt By Dior Homme Style - 733C515M1223 000Col - 000 WH..

HK$5,530 HK$3,320 Not Include Vat(!): HK$3,320

Dior Homme Black Zip-Around Wallet 2ABBH029 XXT H00N #118

Black Zip-Around Wallet By Dior Homme Style - 2ABBH029 XXT H00NCol - BLACK..

HK$4,280 Not Include Vat(!): HK$4,280

Dior Homme Silver Buckle Leather Belt 4167PL TAB H48Q #84

CD Buckle Leather Belt By Dior Homme Style - 4167PL TAB H48QCol - H48Q..

HK$4,100 Not Include Vat(!): HK$4,100

Sale -40%

Dolce & Gabbana Suits and Tailored Tuxedos GK2WMZ FU2NF N0000 #65

Suits and Tailored Tuxedos By Dolce & GabbanaStyle - GK2WMZ FU2NF N0000Col - N0000..

HK$30,000 HK$18,000 Not Include Vat(!): HK$18,000

Sale -40%

Dsquared2 Bear Cotton T-shirt S74GD0385 S20694 480 #121

Bear Cotton T-shirt By Dsquared2Style - S74GD0385 S20694 480Col - 480..

HK$1,470 HK$880 Not Include Vat(!): HK$880

Dsquared2 Black Cropped Trousers 71KA097842916 900 #116

Dsquared2 SS2017 Pocket Zip Detail Black Cropped stretch Wool TrousersStyle : S71KA0978S 42916 900Co..

HK$3,900 Not Include Vat(!): HK$3,900

Dsquared2 Faded Jeans 71LB023830342 470 #116

Dsquared2 Mens Base Style Cotton Faded Jeans with 5 pocket Style : S71LB0238S30342 470Col : 470..

HK$1,870 Not Include Vat(!): HK$1,870

Sale -40%

Dsquared2 Flora Tuxedo Jacket S74BN0810 S39408 900 #121

Flora Tuxedo Jacket By Dsquared2 Style - S74BN0810 S39408 900Col -900..

HK$11,860 HK$7,110 Not Include Vat(!): HK$7,110

Dsquared2 Glamhead Distressed Jeans 71LB026730342 470 #116

Dsquared2 Mens Glamhead Stonewash distressed with bleached Effect JeansStyle : S71LB0267S30342 ..

HK$3,200 Not Include Vat(!): HK$3,200