Sale -30%

Acne Faise Sweater 2HB176 Gery

Regular fit Faise Sweater By ACNE..

HK$1,600 HK$1,120 Not Include Vat(!): HK$1,120

Sale -44%

Burberry Buttoned Front Coat | 4022690


HK$13,600 HK$7,680 Not Include Vat(!): HK$7,680

Sale -40%

Dior Homme Appliqué Badge Shirt 733C515M 1223 000 #018+ 084

Appliqué Badge Shirt By Dior Homme Style - 733C515M1223 000Col - 000 WH..

HK$5,530 HK$3,320 Not Include Vat(!): HK$3,320

Sale -30%

Dolce & Gabbana Vulcano Royal Patch Backpack | BM1419 AM687 8B956


HK$7,580 HK$5,300 Not Include Vat(!): HK$5,300

Sale -75%

Dsquared SNEAKERS SN418 1175 M084


HK$6,680 HK$1,700 Not Include Vat(!): HK$1,700

Sale -40%

Dsquared2 Bear Cotton T-shirt S74GD0385 S20694 480 #121

Bear Cotton T-shirt By Dsquared2Style - S74GD0385 S20694 480Col - 480..

HK$1,470 HK$880 Not Include Vat(!): HK$880

Dsquared2 Canada T-shirt 71GD047022427 100 #116

Dsquared2 Men's White Short Sleeve Cotton Canada Flag and Slogan T-shirtStyle - S71GD0470 S2242..

HK$1,100 Not Include Vat(!): HK$1,100

Sale -40%

Dsquared2 Flora Tuxedo Jacket S74BN0810 S39408 900 #121

Flora Tuxedo Jacket By Dsquared2 Style - S74BN0810 S39408 900Col -900..

HK$11,860 HK$7,110 Not Include Vat(!): HK$7,110

Dsquared2 Glamhead Distressed Jeans 71LB026730342 470 #116

Dsquared2 Mens Glamhead Stonewash distressed with bleached Effect JeansStyle : S71LB0267S30342 ..

HK$3,200 Not Include Vat(!): HK$3,200

Sale -40%

Dsquared2 Ice Mountain T-shirt S74GD0382S20694 303 #121

Ice Mountain Print T-shirt By Dsquared2Style - S74GD0382S20694Col - 303..

HK$1,780 HK$1,070 Not Include Vat(!): HK$1,070

Dsquared2 Military Patch Jacket 71AA025841794 695 #116

Dsquared2 SS2017 Military Style Embroidery Patchwork JacketStyle - S71AA0258S41794 695Col - 695 OLIV..

HK$7,500 Not Include Vat(!): HK$7,500

Dsquared2 Partyes T-shirt 71GD048522999 100 #116

Dsquared2 Men's White Short Sleeve Cotton D2 Partyes Logo Print T-shirtStyle - S71GD0485 S22999 100C..

HK$940 Not Include Vat(!): HK$940

Dsquared2 Patchwork Denim Jacket 71AM080530342 470 #116

Dsquared2 SS2017 Denim Jacket With Multi Military-Style PatchworkStyle : S71AM0805S30342 470Col : 47..

HK$5,780 Not Include Vat(!): HK$5,780

Dsquared2 Studded Polo 71GD052522401 900 #116

Dsquared2 Men's Black/Red Studded Collar Cotton SS Polo ShirtStyle - S71GD0525 S22401 900Col - 900 B..

HK$1,870 Not Include Vat(!): HK$1,870

Sale -40%

Dsquared2 Tuxedo Jacket S74BN0779 S48385 001F

Tuxedo Jacket BY Dsquared2 Style - S74BN0779 S48385 Col - 001F..

HK$12,630 HK$7,580 Not Include Vat(!): HK$7,580