Sale -34%

DSQUARED JEANS LB0122 S30260 852


HK$3,580 HK$2,380 Ex Tax: HK$2,380

Sale -25%

Dsquared2 Big Brother Jeans S74LB024330309 470 #128

Mens Faded and Splatter Effect Looose Fit Big Brother Jeans By Dsquared2Style : S74LB024330309 470Co..

HK$4,345 HK$3,260 Ex Tax: HK$3,260

Dsquared2 Black Denim Jeans S74LB0495 STN833 900 #023

Dsquared2 Men's Black Cotton Distressed Denim JeansStyle : S74LB0495 STN833 900Col : 900..

HK$3,460 Ex Tax: HK$3,460

Dsquared2 Camouflage Print Jeans S74LB0509 S30342 470 #020

Dsquared2 Men's Camouflage Print Denim Slim Fit JeansStyle : S74LB0509 S30342 470Col : 470 Blue..

HK$4,140 Ex Tax: HK$4,140

Dsquared2 Distressed Effects Jeans S74LB0473 S30342 470 #002

Dsquared2 Mens Faded and Distressed Effects Cotton Blue Slim Fit JeansStyle : S74LB0473 S3..

HK$3,360 Ex Tax: HK$3,360

Sale -25%

Dsquared2 Elasticated Cuff Jeans 74LB020230342 470 #128

Mens 'Cool Guy'Cutting with Elasticated Cuff Jeans By Dsquared2Style : S74LB0202S30342 470Col : 470..

HK$3,370 HK$2,525 Ex Tax: HK$2,525

Sale -22%

Dsquared2 Faded Run Jeans S74LB0450 S30342 470#059

Mens Faded Distressed, Extrl Detail Pocket,Cotton Biker Jeans By Dsquared2Style - S74LB0450 S30342 4..

HK$4,390 HK$3,435 Ex Tax: HK$3,435

Sale -25%

Dsquared2 Faded Skinny Fit Jeans S74LB023830309 470 #128

Mens Faded and Distressed with 5 pocket Skinny Fit Jeans By Dsquared2Style : S74LB023830309 470..

HK$4,065 HK$3,050 Ex Tax: HK$3,050

Sale -25%

Dsquared2 Graffiti Jeans S74LB024630309 470 #128

Mens Graffiti and Distressed Slim-Cut Jeans By Dsquared2 Style : S74LB0246S30309 470Col : 470..

HK$4,160 HK$3,120 Ex Tax: HK$3,120

Sale -25%

Dsquared2 Non Faded Jeans S74LB0407 S30342 470 #75

Dsquared2 Mens Non Faded With Little Bit Distressed Cotton JeansStyle : S74LB0407 S30342 470Col : 47..

HK$2,710 HK$2,035 Ex Tax: HK$2,035

Dsquared2 Skater Skinny Jeans S74LB0532 S30342 470 #020

Dsquared2 Men's Double Zip Chain Skater Skinny JeansStyle : S74LB0532 S30342 470Col : 470..

HK$4,550 Ex Tax: HK$4,550

Dsquared2 Skinny Dan Jeans S74LB0517 S30342 470 #020

Dsquared2 Mens Fafed Blue Wash Effect ,Distressed Skinny Dan JeansStyle : S74LB0517 S30342 470C..

HK$3,725 Ex Tax: HK$3,725

Sale -25%

Dsquared2 Stonewashed Jeans S74LB0430 S30342 470 #75

Dsquared2 Mens Stonewashed Slim fit Tidy Biker JeansStyle : S74LB0430 S30342 470Col : 470..

HK$3,390 HK$2,540 Ex Tax: HK$2,540

Sale -25%

Dsquared2 Straight-Leg Jeans S74LB0409 S30342 470 #75

Dsquared2 Mens Rolled up Straight-Leg JeansStyle : S74LB0409 S30342 470Col : 470..

HK$2,790 HK$2,095 Ex Tax: HK$2,095

Sale -40%

Dsquared2 Tidy Biker jeans S74LB0245S30309 470


HK$7,149 HK$4,300 Ex Tax: HK$4,300