Sale -25%

Givenchy Black Cotton Trousers BM504N 10GP 001 #22

Mens Regular Zip Detail Black Cotton Trousers By GivenchyStyle : BM504N 10GP 001Col : 001 Black..

HK$6,810 HK$5,110 Ex Tax: HK$5,110

Sale -60%

Givenchy Camouflage print T-shirt | 17J7381 917 305


HK$5,080 HK$2,040 Ex Tax: HK$2,040

Sale -20%

Givenchy Dragon Cotton T-shirt BM70EP3002 001 #043

Mens Dragon Print Round Neck Black Cotton T-shirt By Givenchy Style : BM70EP3002 001Col : 001..

HK$3,895 HK$3,115 Ex Tax: HK$3,115

Sale -40%

Givenchy Graphic Print T-shirt 17J7160651 001

Graphic Print T-shirt By GivenchyStyle - 17J7160651 Col - 001..

HK$3,750 HK$2,250 Ex Tax: HK$2,250

Sale -35%

Givenchy Hell's Fire T-shirt BM703J 3Y0E 001

Hell's Fire T-shirt BY GIVENCHYStyle - BM703J 3Y0E 001COL - 001..

HK$4,480 HK$2,900 Ex Tax: HK$2,900

Givenchy Iconic Print Wallet | BC06340310 600


HK$4,750 Ex Tax: HK$4,750

Sale -40%

Givenchy Illuminati Sweatshirt | 17J7366894 001


HK$7,095 HK$4,257 Ex Tax: HK$4,257

Sale -30%

Givenchy Ligthning Bolt Cotton T-shirt BM70BQ 3002 001 #22

Mens Ligthning Bolt and Mad love Tour Logo,Short Sleeve Round Neck Cotton T-shirt in Black By Givenc..

HK$3,120 HK$2,185 Ex Tax: HK$2,185

Sale -20%

Givenchy Lion Black Sweatshirt BM70EE306C 001 #043

Mens Lion Print Round Neck Black Cotton Sweatshirt By Givenchy Style : BM70EE306C 001Col : 001 BLACK..

HK$5,615 HK$4,495 Ex Tax: HK$4,495

Sale -30%

Givenchy Lion Pullovers Hoodie BM70EF306C 001 #043

Mens Lion Print and Embroidered Logo Round Neck Black Cotton Pullovers Hoodie By Givenchy Style : BM..

HK$6,475 HK$4,535 Ex Tax: HK$4,535

Sale -20%

Givenchy Oversized Scorpio Black T-shirt BM70EM3002 001 #043

Mens Oversized Scorpio Print Round Neck Black Cotton T-shirt By Givenchy Style : BM70EM3002 001Col :..

HK$3,120 HK$2,500 Ex Tax: HK$2,500

Givenchy Pandora Cardholder BB600HB017 670


HK$1,980 Ex Tax: HK$1,980

Sale -33%

Givenchy Shark printed hoodie | 17F7320656 001


HK$8,638 HK$5,800 Ex Tax: HK$5,800

Givenchy Small Antigona Tote BB500CB016 004

Small Antigona Tote BY GivenchySTYLE - BB500CB016 004COL - 004..

HK$17,320 Ex Tax: HK$17,320

Sale -25%

Givenchy STAR Embroidered Cottton Shirt BM601C 1Y39 100 #22

Mens Long Sleeve Cottton Shirt w/ Embroidered Star round neck By GivenchyStyle : BM601C 1Y39 100&nbs..

HK$2,850 HK$2,135 Ex Tax: HK$2,135